About Me

This page drivels on about me and what I get up to these days, like playing with Blender, Flying: unbelievable I know, but I have a Glider Pilot’s License! and my Music work now with Reason using my TMK88, acoustic, bass and lead guitars. Along with other boring stuff of no consequence, or interest, to anybody.

So, to the three things that I wouldn’t change in my life, assuming they all continue to function correctly, are:

1, Mrs. Clockmender:

This isn’t actually Mrs. C, but the image I hold in my mind. One can always dream!

2, My Bike:

My bike has no name, apart from “Bitch” maybe, you know how it is: you get your leg over, start her up and say “OK lets have some fun Bitch!”. She is clearly female, this I know because of the deafening howl emitted from her “f***-off” custom made exhaust pipe at high revs. “Bitch” is a 1998 CB750 – originally built to French spec and brought to the UK, by “French spec” I mean “good looking, entirely unpredictable, smells of hot gasses and has an irresistible urge to block English channel ports”. I had her resprayed and converted to right hand drive when I brought her to England.

3, My Glider:

The blue tipped one, her name, for she is a “she”, despite the fact that she is totally silent at all times, is “Cayate”. This is because she is an Alexander Schleicher K8 glider. She was built in ’63, has a 15m wingspan, is made mainly of wood covered in cloth and weights only 190Kg. What else can I say other than I have had many hours of great pleasure inside her (is this comment against the correct picture I wonder…).

These three above are not necessarily in the correct order of importance…

Other than that I am retired, a former IT Director & Company Owner, Mechanical Engineer, Woodwork/Metalwork/Technical Drawing Teacher, CAD Operator, etc. and as such qualify as an “All Round Smart-Arse”. When not playing with/annoying any of the three items above, or making things from wood or metal, or playing with Blender, or making music, etc. etc. I like to rewrite my whole bloody website because my previous ISP totally FUBARed it grrrrrr. hence why it is now on WordPress’s servers. Everything else about me is subject to the Official Secrets Act, so cannot be divulged.

Cheers, Clock. 😛