So, here I am going to show current & old Blender projects, most of which will be links to WIP’s and Animations on BlenderArtists website. There will also be links to tutorials on some of the techniques I use in Blender, mainly for mechanical projects, this is a way off though so don’t hold your breath!

This one is all about Sound Based Animations – the development of my MIDI Sync Nodes, Sound Bake Animations.

This one is a long term development of a SciFi train, a fusion of Victorian Engineering and Future Products – it goes a long way towards understanding my mental state, i.e. “not all there”.

This one was a first attempt at a toy train set model:

This one features a lot of MIDI Sync work, Honey’s butt and other wonderful creations:

It prompted this reply:

I have no comment to add to this, it says it all!

This one is the first “Clockophone” project and got way out of hand in the end. It showed the early development of MIDI Sync, using an old script, now replaced by my new AN Nodes.

This one goes back to my childhood and playing with Meccanno.

This one is for my Dad – he worked on this aircraft during the Suez Crisis.

This one is just about rigging mechanical models – it has a fully rigged epicyclic gearbox amongst other bits. Mainly its because I love tractors…

This one was modelling practice before I started the Canberra, just a learning tool.