Animation Nodes

This page will become the official HELP! file for my Animation Nodes Add-ons. These require that you have; A) Blender 2.79, or later, B) Animation Nodes Add-on version 2.0, C) A Brain. 🙂

For Blender go here. For Animation Nodes go here.

For the AN Docs and how to install them go here.

For my AN Add-ons go here and read the “readme” please! This will save you hours of frustration.

A reasonably complex node tree to drive multi-channel MIDI Sync Animations.

Lets Get Started.


Shutdown Blender before you do the following:

First you should locate the installation folder for Animation Nodes, on a Mac it is here:

On other flavours of operating systems it will be somewhere else, but the AN Docs will provide the answer for you. “Mac” is my username and note the Blender Version Number Folder.

My-AN-Nodes consist of some Nodes, a modified “Add” Menu and a Bone Socket file, these are all written in Python and have the .py extension.

This next job is to put the menu file in the correct location, so enter the animation_nodes folder and open the ui folder. Copy the file to a safe location and replace it with the one from my GitHub.

Some of my nodes use a Bone type socket, which is not present in the standard AN add-on, so go back the the animation_nodes folder and open the sockets folder. Put the file into this folder.

Now we can once again return to the animation_nodes folder and locate the nodes folder. Go into this folder and create a new folder, its name is not important. Put the remaining .py files into this new folder. You should also add an empty file called – this can be copied from any of the other sub-folders of the nodes folder.

Now you can restart Blender and you will be able to access the new nodes. If you go to the Node Editor you can then see the new menu:

Note! If you take the download from my GitHub, but notice that there are updated versions on the “Code” page, you can simply edit the appropriate .py file in a suitable code editor (Like Atom, others are available) and replace the existing code with the new code from my GitHub page. I will not be making new releases every time I alter/update/bug fix an individual node.

The MIDI Nodes:

These nodes are used to “Bake” a MIDI sequence either to a series of locally stored F-Curves or a set of empties. Both systems have their merits and uses. The Controls node works in tandem with the Indices node, the bake node works on its own. Here are the three MIDI nodes:

Both nodes require that the MIDI file has been converted to CSV format and is NOT in generic MIDI format. You can get a MIDI CSV Converter here, others are available.

Details of usage on this Page.

Here is a short video using MIDI nodes to drive a keyboard:

Other node groups will have their own pages listed in the index menu on the left (Right of course, just testing you…) of every page of this website.

Here is short video using some of the other nodes: