Finished Animations

I shall show some finished animation here, there are only three really finished ones to show just yet and these are they:

This one is for my gliding club and shows our Amy flying a glider, putting it into a spin and recovering from the spin. This may be revised over time and is intended to be used for educating glider pilots.

It was done with a variety of techniques, including sound bakes for the keys under the track and lots of other goodies. No animation Nodes here, I did it before I found out about them – they would have made the process easier and reduced the amount of Drivers needed to connect all the animations together, including the drive rods on the engine. Sound Bakes also drive the lights on the aeroplane and other features.

This one has a full gearbox as well, one day I will render this showing all the gearbox, Power Take Off, rear differential, etc. There is also a rigged two speed epicyclic gearbox on this model, that was a lot of work to rig properly! I had just discovered motion blur, so there is some of that as well. You can find a link to the WIP on BlenderArtists on the Blender page.

This one was my very first attempt at MIDI Syncing and ws done the long way, by reading times from the MIDI file and animating by hand using keyframes:

So it was a lot of work (2 weeks just keyframing) for very little video. Nowadays I have my MIDI Sync nodes to do all the hard work for me!

This model grew considerably to become this:

Then I got restless and went on to other things. There is a link to the WIP on BlenderArtists on the Blender page.

And we must include this one:

The least said the better, but this is the Legendary Rainbow F***ing Unicorn and I was encouraged to do this by someone who should have known better, but at least now you know where rainbows come from and where Unicorns have gone 😛

This one should be viewed at 1080 resolution, so you see all the keys moving:

Here, Erkinator is enjoying some “leaves” whilst watching the organ play with itself…

Guess what! This page is not finished either 😛