PDT Download

Precision Drawing Tools Downloads and releases are listed below. This is for Blender 2.8 only.

New Releases will now be on my GitHub Releases page:

PDT Now ships with Blender 2.82 as of 10/12/2019.

Current Release 1.1.5 of 9/12/2019.

Current Release 1.1.4 of 6/10/2019.

Current Release 1.1.3 of 24/09/2019.

Can I kindly request that you also use the Issues section there for any bug reports, feature request, whinges, praise (unlikely), etc. ūüôā

You will also find any updated files ahead of any releases, I will not make a new release each time I correct a minor issue, unless you all get fed up with this and demand it.

Release History (Deprecated Method, see above):

Version 1.1.2

24/09/2019 clockworxpdt РAmendments:

  • Fixed Error in Intersect Command.

17/09/2019: clockworxpdt РAmendments:

  • Fixed Errors in console when disabling Add-on, Error in Register/Unregister Functions, Misnaming of 2 Class bl_idnames.
  • Altered Pivot Point Display to Show/Hide.
  • Changed to Semantic Versioning.

Version 1.1

16/09/2019: clockworxpdt Quite a few Fixes, procedural changes and slightly different menu. PDT now has its own Tab in the 3D View UI.

15/09/2019: clockworxpdt Added Split Edges and Percentage mode to Command Line, Fixes to code and some procedures, Warning Messages changed to Error Messages, Some functions moved to Functions file to optimise code, More error traps for bad input/incorrect use.

13/09/2019: clockworxpdt Re-Order Menu, More Tooltips, Some Code Comments

12/09/2019: clockworxpdt Added More Pivot Point operations including; Write and Read functions to store Pivot Point against an Object.

11/09/2019: clockworxpdt More Functions (Pivot added to Operations) and Bug Fixes.

10/09/2019: clockworxpdt More Functions, including Command Line, Pivot Point and Parts Library.

Version 1.0

29/08/2019: clockworxpdt Teeny-Weeny Bug Fix on Cursor Placement by Direction.

23/08/2019: clockworxpdt Minor Bug Fix.

22/08/2019: clockworxpdt First Pre-release.