One Day on a Beach, etc.

Well, this conversation took place on a beach in South Africa near the “Cape Of No Hope”:

Clockmender: Oi Penguin – look at the camera!

Penguin: How’s this Clock?

Clockmender: Sweet, now show your best profile…

Penguin: For f**k’s sake Clock how should I know that? we don’t have chuffin’  mirrors in our burrows you know!!!

Clockmender: Look at your reflection in a rock pool you daft little tw*t!

Penguin: Hmmmm, never thought of that – how’s this then? I think this is my best side:

Clockmender: That’ll do Penguin, that’ll do.

Cute little bugger, but the beach stank to high heaven – don’t eat just raw fish, your sh*t will stink awful…..

Taken with a Canon EOS70D with 150-500mm Sigma Lens, or was it modelled in Blender?

This photograph won the Photographer’s Photograph Award on the Queen Mary 2 on her World tour starting 10 January 2018:

Taken with the same flashy camera and lens from deck 7. F 7.1 1/2,500 sec exposure.

I had to take 70 odd photos over a two hour period to get this one. Taken about halfway between Africa and St Helena – loads of bloody nautical miles from anywhere! I must find out how big these fish are, from 7 decks up they looked pretty small, but you never can tell. After all Pekinese dogs look very small from the 7th floor of a building and are very hard to hit with a cricket ball from that height. 🙂

NOT FINISHED YET, or is it? 😛